Rotary Student of the Month program

The Hastings Rotary Club publicly recognizes Hastings High School students who exemplify Rotary’s motto of ‘Service Above Self’, as way to reward and foster these ideals, and also build mutually rewarding relationships between school administration, staff, students, parents and the Rotary members.


Pictured left to right: Kristy Barse-Rotary member, Mike Klimek-father, Rachel Klimek-Student of the month, Sheila Klimek, Jeff Corkish-HHS nominating staff, Greg Sandkamp-HHS nominating staff, Derrick Jaeger-Rotary member

Rachel is not only a standout on her sports teams, but in the classroom as well. She is the true definition of a student-athlete who seeks to challenge herself physically and academically. Rachel is a top 10 student who pushes herself and seeks out rigorous classes. She carries a 3.993 G.P.A. along with taking AP public speaking, AP psychology, AP statistics, and AP microeconomics.  One area of the school where Rachel’s leadership skills are on full display is in SPARQ class. Each day, she takes the initiative to be a positive role model for her peers and lead by example. Rachel’s teachers and coaches were thrilled with the opportunity to nominate her for this award and recognize her positive characteristics. Her former hockey coach and SPARQ teacher Jeff Corkish said that Rachel has been a great example of persistence.




Pictured: Megan & Walter Johnson, Oliver Jablonski, Virginia and Mark Olson, Judy Harrigan. Teacher: Greg Sandkamp.

Oliver has established himself as a leader among his classmates as he is quick to always lend a hand in the weightroom or lead a group of students through a FIT workout!  He was the only male student in FIT last semester with thirty plus girls!  He was thought of as a true motivator!  As far as the “four-way” test goes Oliver carries with him each one of the characteristics. We have been teaching for over 20 years and students like Oliver are hard to find! You will always find him saying please, thank you, and there is no doubt he will lend a helping hand to any student! Oliver is involved in Astronomy club here at Hastings High School and for the past 7 years has practiced as well as taught Tae Kwon Do here in the Hastings community.  He is a 2nd degree black belt and aspires to be an engineer as well as an astrophysicist.



Pictured left to right: Tim Stanley-Rotary member, Caleb Gudissa-brother, Japhi Gudissa- brother, Meicdes Wogayehu-mother, Nathi Gudissa-Student of the month, Kim Hoff-HHS nominating staff, Derrick Jaeger-Rotary member.

Nathi is a very active member of the Hastings High School family.  He is academically strong and highly active in multiple leadership roles here at HHS.  Nathi is intelligent, thoughtful, kind, and fun-loving.  He is a leader and 3 year member of Peer Helpers, a class officer, a Link Crew leader, a Young Life Leader, and a huddle leader for FCA.  Nathi leads by example, with his calm, positive demeanor.  The most prevalent trait about Nathi is how incredibly supportive he is of his fellow classmates at HHS.  He has been an aid in the counseling office and has been outstanding in his assistance of not only the counseling staff, but also the students who need a hand. He is a shining example of quiet leadership and is recognized for his significant contribution to the positive climate of HHS. Nathi will attend Iowa State next year and study engineering. 




Pictured (L-R): Teran Harmon- Rotary member, Cassie Mann-mother, Chad Mann-father, Elizabeth Mann-Student of the month, Leslie Burgess-HHS staff, Susan Hoffman-grandmother, Gary Hoffman-grandfather, Derrick Jaeger-Rotary member, Rochelle Nielsen-HHS staff (not pictured).

Elizabeth has served as an officer for the Spanish Club for three years. She brings incredible enthusiasm and energy to every meeting and event. She is extremely positive and willing to help in whatever capacity needed.  We especially appreciate her gifts of connecting with everyone – other leaders, teachers and students. She makes everyone feel welcome and valued.  Elizabeth will be attending the University of Minnesota next year studying history and secondary education.






Pictured left to right: Derrick Jaeger-Rotary member, Jim Brown-Father, Diane Brown-Mother, Jake Brown-Student of the Month, Paul Olson-HHS nominating staff, Don Bettis -Rotary member

Jacob is a 4.0 student and is one of the top students in my A.P. Statistics course. His attitude, no matter the sport, is always team first and he is extremely coachable by taking criticism and constantly working to improve.  Jacob is on the football and basketball teams. His leadership has been very evident already over the past summer the way he interacts with younger post players in developing their game. Jacob also holds a leadership position in our National Honors Society and is co-chairing the Red Cross Blood Drive.





Olivia is one of the presidents of the Horticulture Club, involved in NHS and Spanish Honor Society. Last year she volunteered at the Regina Senior Living Center with the memory care patients and as the Bingo caller. She volunteers at Christ Family Church at the children’s station. She has over 100 volunteer hours this year, far surpassing her goal for NHS. Olivia is a very positive person and motivates others. She likes to push others to succeed. She is a true asset to HHS and the entire Hastings community.


Pictured left to right: Tony Ciro- Rotary Member, Blaine Hornbuckle- father, Helen Hornbuckle-mother, Hannah Hornbuckle-Student of the Month, Kari Jaeger-HHS nominating teacher, Derrick Jaeger-Rotary Member.

Pictured left to right: Tony Ciro- Rotary Member, Blaine Hornbuckle- father, Helen Hornbuckle-mother, Hannah Hornbuckle-Student of the Month, Kari Jaeger-HHS nominating teacher, Derrick Jaeger-Rotary Member.

Hannah Hornbuckle is one of the most motivated and mature students I have known in my 19 years of teaching.  Her view of the world is global, and she is always looking for ways to use her abilities to help others.  This varies from tutoring her peers, to mentoring underclassmen, to volunteering in an elementary classroom, to battling prejudice through editorials in the school paper.  Once she commits herself to something, her dedication is amazing.  She has an open mind and a positive attitude when it comes to learning new processes and methods, and she enjoys working with peers who are dedicated to learning.  In whole-class and small-group discussions, Hannah’s maturity is evident.  She knows how to disagree without being disagreeable.  She listens, is kind, is open minded, and asks questions.  In short, she helps create a learning environment that teachers and students enjoy.


Pictured left to right: Paul Vaith- HHS nominating staff, Tom Fritze- HHS nominating staff, Mike O’Connor- father, Tom Montgomery- Rotary member, Judd O’Connor- Student of the month, Tara O’Connor- mother, Jim Weinzettel- Rotary member, Derrick Jaeger-Rotary member.

Pictured left to right: Paul Vaith- HHS nominating staff, Tom Fritze- HHS nominating staff, Mike O’Connor- father, Tom Montgomery- Rotary member, Judd O’Connor- Student of the month, Tara O’Connor- mother, Jim Weinzettel- Rotary member, Derrick Jaeger-Rotary member.

Throughout Judd’s high school career, he has been the definition of a student-athlete. Not only has he been able to handle high level academic classes while being a multi-sport athlete, he continually excels in each. Due to concussions, Judd has stopped competing in athletics but this has not stopped him from keeping his positive mental attitude on life and having a positive influence on his peers. Judd’s maturity, calm demeanor, and caring nature allow him to help those around him make positive changes or decisions in their lives. His willingness to help as a manager for both football and wrestling reinforces his ability to help those around him find success. Judd radiates positive energy and is always willing to share a smile or compliment. In Judd’s free time, he participates in Young Life, National Honor Society, horticulture club, young republicans, and coloring club.



  • On the 2nd Thursday of each month listed in the schedule below, receive and recognize the selected student, who will be accompanied by their parents and a member of the HHS staff to make them feel comfortable. Rotary meetings begin at 7:30 a.m., at the Hastings Green Mill restaurant, and last until 8:30 a.m.  Breakfast is served, and will be provided at no charge to guests.
    • A Rotarian will introduce the student to members of the club, and ask the student to give a brief speech about their particular involvement in school, the activities which embody the concept of ‘Service above Self’ for which they were selected, and future career goals and secondary plans, if known.
  • Students will receive a Rotary gift in recognition of their accomplishment.
  • Award recognition information will be sent to the local media for follow-up and publication

Student Selection Criterion

The student selected should demonstrate some or all of the following attributes:

  • Gets involved in various school or other service related groups
  • Takes a leadership role among their peers
  • Diligently works to ensure success for themselves and others
  • Exemplifies the Rotary four-way test:  “Of the things we think, say or do…
    • Is it the TRUTH?
    • Is it FAIR to all concerned?
    • Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS?
    • Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned

Student of the Month Recognition Calendar, 2017-18 school year 

Thursdays on: October 12, 2017; November 9, 2017; December 14, 2017; January 11, 2018; February 8, 2018; March 8, 2018; April 12, 2018; May 10, 2018